Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2015

2015 Batsu Game

Hi Guys, Thank you for being patient. Here are the last 2 parts of the 2015 Gaki No Tsukai Batsu games.

(ENG SUB) Gaki No Tsukai Prison 9

(ENG SUB) Gaki No TSukaiPrison 10


  1. please, fix gaki no tsukai 9 link... T-T

  2. hello i cant watch episode 9 :( can you please fix it?

  3. Can you fix the 5th part of Batsu Hotel Employee 2009? It's quality declined and it's aspect ratio have also changed. Please?

  4. can you please fix part 9 please T_T

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  6. Antworten
    1. Hello Inou Gaming. Sorry for the late reply. Dailymotion put an age restriction on this Part of the Gaki No Tsukai video. Please try to sign in to a Dailymotion account if you have one or register for free for one. If you still get this problem, please comment another time so I can provide you with another Link

  7. I cannot watch part 9 even though I've changed the age setting in daily motion, please help T_T