Absolutely Tasty Series



This is a series of cooking segments in which the comedians prepare foods, either traditional Japanese dishes like taiyaki, takoyaki, nabe and chawanmushi or foods like pizza, with unusual ingredients to use as fillings or flavors, which is eaten later and given a score ranging from two "skull marks" to ten stars. However, in recent episodes, the cast ignores the rating system more frequently, instead resorting to giving unpleasant dishes various numbers of "ass hairs" and "pubic hairs" Endo is notorious for using Frisk, a brand of very strong breath mint, in his food. The results are usually disastrous and very distasteful. Yamazaki frequently uses junk food such as cheese puffs for rice, onigiri and sausages for taiyaki, hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, fries and coke soda for nabe, peanut butter for takoyaki, and jelly beans for tempura. Matsumoto usually introduces very unusual (and occasionally inedible) ingredients such as a bear's paw for takikomi gohan, pig's and tuna's head for pizza, a dried cobra for nabe, a seal's testicle for takoyaki, and toothpaste for pasta. Hamada is notable for using corn bread and corn soup for Tempura, and thus was the only one who ever received the unprecedented Angel mark. If there was a food item that none of the cast members wanted to eat, producer Heipo was forced to eat it, always resulting in him spitting the food out or expressing utter disgust.


(ENG SUB) Absoluely Tasty 1 - Pizza

(ENG SUB) Absolutely Tasty 2 - Tempura 

(ENG SUB) Absolutely Tasty 3 - Rice 

(ENG SUB) Absolutely Tasty 4 - Taiyaki          Part 1Part 2 

(ENG SUB) Absolutely Tasty 5 - Omochi          Part 1 , Part 2

(ENG SUB) Absolutely Tasty 6 - Pasta             Part 1Part 2

(ENG SUB) Absolutely Tasty 7 - Nukazuke     Part 1 , Part 2



  1. episode list I read a yellow board behind them

    -01 - rice
    -02 - pizza
    -06 - tempura

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    2. 3 - taiyaki
      4 - Chawanmushi
      5 - mochi or Omochi
      6 - tempura
      7 -
      8 -
      9 - pasta
      10 - (3 years later) Nukazuke

  2. I think it's like this

    10.Hot Pot (Nabe)
    11.Rice (2)

  3. Will there be more of this? I love these but I can't find them anywhere!

  4. Why is some of the blog in German (or Dutch, or whatever)? I'm wondering if it's on my end.

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  6. Because I am obsessive, this is the actual order of the episodes:

    1. Rice 1
    2. Pizza
    3. Taiyaki
    4. Chawanmushi
    4/5. Rice 2
    5. Mochi
    6. Tempura
    7. Takoyaki
    8. Nabe
    9. Pasta
    10. Nukazuke
    11. Bibimbap

    The second rice one is inserted between episodes 4 and 5 because they refer to it in the 5th episode (the bear's paw), so it has to come before that.

  7. I think this is the list. I've been trying to keep track of it for a very loooooooong time.

    1: Rice
    2: Pizza
    3: Taiyaki
    4: Chawanmushi
    5: Rice 2
    6: Omochi
    7: Tempura
    8: Takoyaki
    9: Nabe
    10: Pasta
    11: Nukazuke
    12: Bibambap