Five Rangers Game

In this challenge, all five cast members enter separate dressing rooms and each randomly dress as one of the five colors of Gorenjai, and they attempt to complete all five different colors in 6 hours. The chance that the five cast members choose all different colors is 120/3125 (3.84%). The challenge is based on the main running gag of the Gorenjai sketches: that the team members couldn't decide who wore which colors.

 Watch Here:
(ENG SUB) 5 Rangers EP 1
(ENG SUB) 5 Rangers EP 2
(ENG SUB) 5 Rangers EP 3
(ENG SUB) 5 Rangers EP 4
(ENG SUB) 5 Rangers EP 5
(ENG SUB) 5 Rangers EP 6
(ENG SUB) 5 Rangers EP 7
(ENG SUB) 5 Rangers EP 8
(ENG SUB) 5 Rangers EP 9
(ENG SUB) 5 Rangers EP 10
(ENG SUB) 5 Rangers EP 11
(ENG SUB) 5 Rangers EP 12
(ENG SUB) 5 Rangers EP 13


  1. Nice to have all episodes listed here, but this is the comedy series, not the special game (which I had found quite recently on YouTube and was since removed).

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  3. could you upload more video.. i went to their website and didnt find any stream video only downloading files but i dont want to download it. if you could upload more video's, it would help alot! thanks!

    1. hi Incost. i will upload more videos the following days. thanks for watching:-)

  4. This episode is not from "Gaki" but from another legendary TV program "Gottsu Ee Kanji."

  5. do you have all the batsu games without subs?